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The Minnesota Kids Fishing Foundation offers free fishing trips for kids, adults and military personal. Our free MN fishing trips take place throughout the entire year. To learn more about our Minnesota fishing trips, follow the directions listed below. 

Find a trip your interested in. e-mail us with the event number or name and we will send you all the information we have and how you can apply.
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Each of these Minnesota free youth fishing trips and events are different from all the rest. Some of our Minnesota free fishing trips require pre-registration and have a cap on the number of participants, while others are open to anyone who wants to fish. some provide rod-and-reel combos or tackle that kids can take home, some provide loaner rods and reels, and other require that kids bring all their own tackle.

Most of our Minnesota fishing trips and events include both a parent and kid fishing trips. They can be a one day MN fishing event, a weekend fishing event, or week long event. Some include travel accommodations and some do not.

Our take a warrior free fishing program is designed for active or ex-military members. Military members and there kids can go on free Minnesota fishing trips.

To find out more about our free MN fishing trips and events, e-mail the event number or name to us, and we will e-mail the information for that event to you. Our e-mail address is support@takf.net
Help us take a kid fishing, the Minnesota kids fishing foundation relies on sponsors and donations to achieve our goals. Help us change a kids life for a day by donating to the Minnesota kids fishing foundation. All proceeds go to help the kids.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible - We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Donation Page - Click on the button and go to our donation page

Suppliers and Manufacturers who wish to donate fishing products, please click on the donate button. You will be taken to our donation page where you can find the details. Thanks.
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Special note, Some event dates may change because of scheduling issues or park reservation times. If an event date needs to be changed, we will contact all interested participants with the updated information. The selected dates for events above may be subject to change because of scheduling, some events may be canceled due to weather or lack of interest. If we have to cancel event due to lack of interest, scheduling problems or weather, all participants will be notified.
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Change a Kids Life for a Day, Let us Take em Fishin
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Kids Fishing Foundation
​The Kids Fishing Foundation is proud to announce that our 2019 winner of our Military Fish, Hunt Giveaway is Pete Gerovac. Pete is a VETERAN of the USMC 1988-1992 and PA National guard 2004-2006.
2024 Events at Kids Fishing Foundation
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Winner banner 2020 Kids Fishing Foundation
The Kids Fishing Foundation is proud to announce, the winner of our 2020 free fishing trip give away is Shirley Ray-Wells. Congratulations Shirley, we hope you and your family enjoy your fishing trip.
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The Kids Fishing Foundation is proud to announce, the winner of our 2021 free fishing trip give away is Kristin Hoyle. Congratulations Kristin, we hope you and your family enjoy your fishing trip.
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The Kids Fishing Foundation is proud to announce, the winner of our 2022 free fishing trip give away is Courtney Brush. Congratulations Courtney, we hope you and your family enjoy your fishing trip.
The kids fishing foundation will be giving one lucky entrant into our free fishing trip giveaway, a fishing trip worth up to $2000.00. Anywhere in the U.S. You pick the destination, we pay the tab. It's that simple. This giveaway will run from January 1st of 2024 to December 1st of 2024.

How to Enter 2024 Free Fishing Trip Giveaway

It's easy to enter, all you have to do is email us your name, address, phone number and email address with this title. 2024 Free Fishing Trip. We will enter you into the drawing. To enter, email your info to support@takf.net

Rules and Regulations for this giveaway are at the bottom of the page
Kids Fishing Foundation 2023 fishing trip winner
2023 Free Fishing Trip Giveaway

The Kids Fishing Foundation is proud to announce that the winner of our 2023 free fishing trip giveaway is Gina Schmittdiel. Congratulations and we wish Gina and her family the best of luck in planning their trip.
Rules for the 2024 fishing trip giveaway.

To enter, all you have to do is, submit your name, address, phone number and email address to our email with this title 2024 Free Fishing Trip, send to support@takf.net - This giveaway runs from January 1st to December 1st 2024, Here's the rules for the giveaway. The board members of the kids fishing foundation will randomly draw 1 winner for our 2024 fishing trip giveaway. The winner will receive up to $2000 for any fishing trip anywhere in the U.S. You pick the destination and we pay the tab. If the trip costs more than $2000, the recipient/winner will have to pay any difference above and beyond the amount allotted of $2000. If the trip costs less than the amount allotted, our organization will pay the lesser amount. The amount awarded is to be used for expenses and lodging for the trip and may or may not include miscellaneous expenses. The proceeds handed out for this giveaway will go toward a fishing trip anywhere in the U.S. Our goal is to support the sports and cash will not be given out. The winner will have to set up a fishing trip anywhere in the U.S. and our foundation will pay up to, but not to exceed $2000 towards that trip. The winner will be selected in December of 2024 at our year end meeting and will have until December 30th of the year 2025 to use the funds. If the funds are not used by the end of 2025, the funds will not be allotted and will be put back into the organization and used to support future events. This gives the winner 1 year to use the funds from this giveaway. We believe that 1 year is sufficient time to set up a fishing trip. The funds from this giveaway will not be given directly to the winner/recipient or given out as cash. The winner/recipient will have to set up a fishing trip anywhere in the U.S. and our organization will pay the funds directly to the outfitter, lodge or resort as to assure the funds are used for a fishing trip. We will work with the winner/recipient and consider all expenses of the trip, we may or may not include miscellaneous expenses, but we hold the right to choose how the funds will be allotted. We reserve the right to use any photos and stories submitted for future promotions and or articles to help promote our organization. Your submission to our origination is considered as an entry into our giveaway. By submitting your information and entering the giveaway, this means that you agree to the terms we have set. If you submitted your information and do not agree to our terms, you can contact us and ask to have your entry removed from the giveaway. This will remove your information and your entry into the giveaway. Put your mind at ease. We do not share your information with anyone. It will be solely used as an entry into our drawing only and for promoting our organization.

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Youth Fishing Event Kids Fishing Foundation
Our 2024 Spring Fishing event was a huge success. We took 30 kids and 26 adults fishing.

We will be updating the site soon with our next upcoming event.