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Change a Kids Life for One Day, Help us Take em Fishin

The Kids Fishing Foundation was set up to help less fortunate kids go fishing. Many kids would love to go fishing, or enjoy other outdoor activities, but their circumstances may not allow them to.

Every kids circumstances may be different. It may be the fact that they don't have anyone to take them fishing, or maybe they come from a broken home and just need a buddy to go fishing with.

Some inner city kids may not have a place to fish or the means to go fishing. Some of the kids come from orphanages, where they have a disadvantage because they have no one to take them fishing.

Other kids may have special needs, their needs could be as basic as a slight learning disability to having intellectual and physical disabilities. Introducing these kids to fishing can be a wonderful experience for them.

No matter what the circumstances are, its a great feeling when you see a smile on a kids face, knowing that you participated in giving them a memory they will cherish forever.

Kids Fishing Foundation Program

What is the kids fishing program about and what programs do we offer.

The kids fishing program is not just about taking kids fishing. Part of our plan is to get the kids to enjoy the great outdoors. But we also try to teach them the techniques of fishing and preservation of the sport.

Whether its tying a knot, setting up and baiting their own rigs, reading depth finders or the fundamentals of catch and release. We also try to teach them the techniques of fishing, wildlife preservation and safety.


We have many different opportunities for kids and family members to go fishing. Our events are held throughout the U.S. Our year starts out with several ice fishing events and then rolls into our spring and summer events.

Some of our programs offer an opportunity for kids and parents to bond while enjoying a day, a weekend or a week of fishing.

Meet the pro's events are also available. What a rush for a kid to have a chance to fish with or meet a pro fisherman.

Take a warrior fishing, is for military members who have served our country. Military members and their kids can take a fishing trip for free.

Top Stories. Check out some of our top stories of kids and military members who have been helped by our fishing program.

Check out this years events

2013 Event Calendar
Kids Fishing Foundation, Kids Fishing Events, Programs, Trips

The kids fishing foundation offers free youth fishing events, youth fishing programs and fishing trips for kids. The kids fishing foundation program is designed so less fortunate kids can be introduced to the sport of fishing. Our youth fishing program and events are not just for kids, Parents and children are asked to participate. We also have programs for military members and their families. Our goal is to give children, who may not otherwise get the opportunity, a chance to go fishing and enjoy the outdoors. We offer youth fishing trips that everyone will enjoy. Check out our event calendar above
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Help us take a kid fishing, the kids fishing foundation relies on sponsors and donations to achieve our goals. Help us change a kids life for a day by donating to the kids fishing foundation. all proceeds go to help the kids.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible - We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Donation Page - Click on the button and go to our donation page

Suppliers and Manufacturers who wish to donate fishing products, please click on the donate button. You will be taken to our donation page where you can find the details. Thanks.

Go Fishin with us, Kids & Parents, if you would like to be considered for one of our fishing events or would like more information on upcoming fishing events. Just follow this link and you will find out how to get the info needed.

Programs, to learn more about the fishing programs we offer, visit our fishing information page.

Volunteer, would you like to help out the kids fishing foundation by volunteering your time or equipment. Please look through our event list and e-mail us with an event number and we will give you all the details.

Used Fishing Equipment. Want to donate your used fishing equipment, please send us an e-mail with a list of things you would like to donate and we will let you know the details.

Photos, take a look at the kids fishing photo page. Watch out for the catch of the year, its a Lunker.
The kids fishing foundation mission is to give kids a chance to fish, who may not of otherwise had the opportunity. 
To teach the kids conservation and preservation techniques, water and boating safety and fishing techniques.
The kids fishing foundation rely's on donations from the public and sponsors to achieve its goals. 
The kids fishing foundation wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for your help, we appreciate it.
Kids Hooked on Fishing
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The kids fishing foundation is changing kids lives by introducing them to the sport of fishing. 
Please, help us change a kids life for a day.
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South Carolina department of natural resources, South Dakota game fish and parks, Tennessee wildlife resources agency, Texas parks and wildlife department. 

Utah division of wildlife resources, Vermont agency of natural resources, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, 

Washington state department of natural resources, West Virginia division of natural resources, 

Wisconsin department of natural resources, Wyoming game and fish department,

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Change a Kids Life for a Day, Let us Take em Fishin
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